Homebrew Club Benefit: Media Contact Lists

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is pleased to offer a new benefit to AHA-registered homebrew clubs. Registered clubs in the US now enjoy access to the same databases of media contacts as professional breweries and state brewers guilds. These media connections offer your homebrew club valuable opportunities to showcase your organization and events to the community through news outlets in your state and across the country.

Request a Media Contact List[1]

Your Club in the News

The Brewers Association (BA), parent organization of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), regularly updates its databases of media contacts in every state. These lists include names, email addresses, and phone numbers of interested parties at various media outlets and have traditionally been available by request for BA-member breweries and state brewers guilds. In response to the growing number of media requests that the AHA has received about homebrewing, we are proud to now offer these lists of media contacts[2] to AHA-registered homebrew clubs in the US.

Homebrewing has transformed from a relatively niche hobby to a bona fide phenomenon in big cities, small towns, and rural corners of the globe. The public’s growing interest in homebrewing has been fueled by many factors, including the growth of local homebrew clubs, the establishment of new craft breweries in almost every metro area in the country, and a surge in reporting on this growth from local news outlets. Radio stations, podcasts, beer blogs, TV stations, and newspapers all recognize their audiences’ thirst for news about what really matters: beer.

Reporters want to know about all aspects of your club, and not just brewing beer at home. From food drive events and charitable donations to adopted highways and hours spent volunteering at animal shelters, homebrew clubs give back to their neighborhoods while enjoying the hobby they love and educating the public about the joys of homebrewing. With all homebrew clubs do to support and educate their communities, your local TV reporters are eager to learn more about your organization.

How to Request a List

Taking advantage of this benefit is easy—a representative of your club simply needs to A club can request one list per year, one state at a time. State contact lists include email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. Clubs can also request lists of national media contacts once per year. These lists contain the phone numbers of contacts from larger media organizations but do not include email addresses. Clubs can call national contacts to invite them to learn more about your club or club event.

The AHA encourages clubs to send a press release to media contacts within a week of important events such as your club’s Big Brew[3] day every May and Learn to Homebrew Day[4] event every November. The AHA provides an editable press release for both of those events, but you can also send press releases for club events, fundraising activities, competitions, and more.

Press releases aren’t always one-size-fits-all for each of your requested coverage types, and I encourage you to visit the Brewers Association’s articles on 7 Tips to Improve Your Press Release Emails[5] and Telling Your Story: The Power of PR[6] to learn more about requesting media coverage from the contacts in these media lists. Find the press release design that works for you, or use a Microsoft Word press release template[7] or similar program to create a press release for your club’s specific requested media coverage.

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